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Mentoring Project

Do you want to share your knowledge and experience? Become our mentor. With almost 40 completed mentoring courses and more then 20 mentors and many satisfied students, the Jagiellonian University’s Mentoring Project is entering its 4th successful year.

We would like to invite our University’s graduates to cooperate on a Project, in which they can share their knowledge and experience with other students. The Project includes lectures, training, workshops, webinars and individual consultations. Our objective is to provide not only theoretical knowledge about the job market, but also practical guidance and advice that could be helpful to first-time job-seekers. Central to this project is hands-on experience, such as meetings with a mentor, training, working on a specific task, or individual consultations.

Mentoring benefits professional development in a variety of ways, from empowerment to overcome fears and limitations, through planning a road map for your professional future, to setting and achieving your own career path and goals.

We welcome all our graduates who could spare their time to share their knowledge with students. We individually discuss the subject and form of classes with each of you (individual mentoring, group mentoring, consultations/classroom or online classes, etc.).

The Mentoring Project Regulations can be found below: 
Mentoring Project Regulations

Please send any questions regarding the Mentoring Project to

Mentoring - knowledge, training, networking